Expanding the boundaries of safety

Our goal is your ultimate safety

At Yatih Air Services, our priority is your safety and security. So that's how we work together as a team.
Our services are approved by DGCA and we are guided by a highly experienced leadership.

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Being a licensed aviation maintenance company, we owe our succcess to our dedication towards safety


Aircraft Selection

Tech & Cost Evaluation

NSOP Permit

Private Operator Permit

Registration & Approval

Approval & Import Permit

Crew Support

Chokes ON to Chokes OFF

Regulatory Compliance

For Private Operator

Component Monitoring

Aircraft Maintenance

Flight Log Monitoring

AD/SB Mod. Status

SL/MEL Mod. Status

Inspection Schedules

Task Card

Procedure Sheets

Maintain Tech. Record

DGCA Guidelines

Logistic Support

Manufacturer Specification

Repair & O/H Shop

Wheel & Break Shop

NDT & Paint Shop

Ni-Cd Shop

Pb Acid Battery

ELT Annual Inspection

CVR Read Out Facility

Team Members
Happy Clients

Begin aircraft maintenance journey

Safe, Seamless, Secure.

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